AnaWelCoach is the first Egyptian platform that connects customers looking to practicing different types of activities like sports and fitness for them and/or for their children with the topnotch academies and coaches providing training services for these activities. Through AnaWelCoach and among a wide range of sports and activities, you can reach out the best coaches and academies located in your area suitable for your budget, schedule, minimum accepted rating, child age and level. You will be able to choose in your search filter whether the training provider will be an academy, a school, a personal coach, or a group private coach. If you are a new parent and still do not know the right sport/activity to start with for your child, we will guide you and give you the information you need about: -

  • Optimum starting age
  • Available academies/clubs in your area along with their ranking in the local tournaments
  • Schools that have venues for the intended sport and participating in sport tournaments among schools
  • Training budget
  • Accessories/equipment costs/brands
  • Efforts and commitment needed from parents and children
  • Egypt ranking/position internationally
  • How/where to buy accessories/equipment